Image Use and Copyright Policy

All original work on OMP is protected under the US Copyright act. All rights reserved. Image use is not permitted without prior express permission.

Image use is generally granted gratis under when the following conditions are met:

  1. Prior image use is requested and granted by OMP.
  2. Image use is for educational purposes.
  3. All educational materials associated with the work reproducing an OMP image is distributed freely (at no cost) to the general public.
  4. The OMP image is unedited in any way and the OMP watermark remains clearly visible.

If your intended image use does not meet the above criteria, OMP may license the image for a small fee. This fee helps cover the cost of creating images and keeping as much of OMP's content free as is possible.

Violations of copyright will be prosecuted with intent to recover both statutory damages ($750-$30,000 per work) and actual damages including profits of the infringer.

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