ABR Part 3:
Therapeutic Medical Physics

Countdown to Test Day

Week of Sept 18, 2023


Simulated Oral Exam

Self study exam consisting of one randomized question from each of the five topics covered in the ABR Part 3 examination for therapeutic medical physics.

Question Lists By Categories

Reference and Relative Dosimetry

Subjects Covered

  • Reference dosimetry
  • Ion chambers and electrometers
  • Dosimeter design and application
  • Survey detectors
  • Film dosimeters

Treatment Machines and Imaging

Subjects Covered

  • Linear Accelerators
  • Proton units
  • Specialized machines
  • Shielding
  • Therapy imaging

Treatment Planning, Uncertainty, and Planning Systems

Subjects Covered

  • Photon planning
  • Electron planning
  • Uncertainty management
  • Specialized machine planning
  • Planning System QA

Brachytherapy, Radiobiology, and Radiation Protection

Subjects Covered

  • Brachytherapy
  • Treatment room shielding
  • Brachytherapy planning
  • Radiation protection
  • Radiobiology

Patient Safety, Data, Professionalism, and Ethics

Subjects Covered

  • Plan-specific QA
  • Quality control
  • Incident learning systems
  • Computing & IT
  • Professionalism & Ethics

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