After Exam User Survey

1. What test were you studying for?
2. What other resources did you use to prepare for your exam? (select all that apply)

3. How helpful was in preparing for your exam? (Using slider: 1 = not helpful at all, 10 = extremely helpful)

4. Would you recommend to a friend?
5. Rank, from most to least important, what site improvements would be most valuable to you. (Click and drag to order)
  • Adding more written content.
  • Improvements to question explanations.
  • Adding the ability to take generate a quiz based on questions you found difficult.
  • Adding the ability to avoid questions you've already learned.
  • Adding more questions.
6. Where there any topics of your exam that did not prepare you for or topics that should receive more focus?

Please be aware of the ABR Exam integrity policy.
  1. It is permissible to discuss topics covered on the exam, the manner of test administration, and test‐taking strategy. It is fine to say, “There is a lot of ; I had almost no.” Examinees should realize that each exam form is a sample of an overall domain, and the samples included on subsequent forms will be different.
  2. The objective is for examinees to study and master the knowledge,skill, and understanding required for practice. It is NOT permissible to memorize specific questions and answers that might be encountered on a future exam.
  3. It is NOT permissible to give or receive explicit recollection of exact questions, answer choices, and (supposed) correct answers. Both oral and written transmissions are prohibited by the policy.

7. In your words, what did you think of How can we improve the service?