OMP Bounty Hunt Rewards

Earn rewards for submitting corrections, content, and site improvements.

How does the OMP Bounty Hunt work?

The Bounty Hunt Rewards program is intended to reward users for their contributions to our community. Simply submit corrections or content and earn points. A list of submission types and their corresponding bounties is given below.

For every 100 points reached, you will earn single use coupon code for a year of free premium membership. Each coupon code is single use but does not expire and may be transferred. If you have already paid for premium, you will receive a full refund of your initial purchase price.

How do I make a submission?

For simple submissions, the form at the bottom of each page can be used. Be sure to include your email address for point tracking.

For larger submissions, please email:

What if I earn more than 100 points?

First off, you rock.

As for now, premium is the only reward available for the OMP Bounty Hunt. You can earn a second year of premium (the code dose not expire) and either use it yourself or gift it to a friend.

What happens if OMP can't use my submission?

In most cases you will still earn points in recognition of the effort. Exceptions to this include submission of existing content, content that you don't own (i.e. pirated images), and incorrect or redundant content.

What happens to submitted images or illustrations?

Images and illustrations will receive on OMP watermark to prevent piracy and will be credited to you in the caption.

Do I have to be a registered user to participate?

Nope, the OMP Bounty Hunt is open to everyone!

SubmissionBounty (Points)Notes
Spelling, grammar, or wording25
Bug reporting25Missing/broken links, buttons that don't work, etc.
Question submission or correctionSimple: 25
Complex: 50
Questions should include solution, showing work if appropriate.
ImagesSimple: 25
Complex/Annotated: 50
Images will receive an OMP watermark and be credited to user in the caption.
Topic write-ups and improvements
(See list of wanted topics.)
25 - 100+Evaluation criteria includes amount of information given, brevity/conciseness, and style (formatting, bulleting, etc.).
Corrections of incorrect information100Sources sometimes have slightly contradictory information. This bounty applies only to clearly incorrect information being presented.
Oral exam question submission25 - 100Point award based on quality of prompt, depth of solution, and inclusion of follow-up points.

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